Clients want both repeatable quality and reduced costs. Process optimization is how we deliver both.

Process Design

Process design goes hand-in-hand with our design transfer and Design for Manufacturing expertise, translating our clients’ product designs into a complete system for producing repeatable quality and compliance, at scale, with maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Each step — from input sourcing, to assembly automation, in-process testing, and lot tracking — is designed for optimum efficiency and minimum waste. The process is integrated and documented with our customized ERP and Quality Control Management software.

Continuous Improvement

We don’t stop once the first product rolls of the line. By consistently collecting and reviewing production data, we look for every opportunity to improve repeatability and quality while reducing costs. We have integrated Continuous Improvement initiatives into every facet of our organization, built on our Lean Six Sigma and 5S practices.

Top-tier contract manufacturers are more than the sum of their workstations and equipment — it’s people, process efficiency and optimization that sets the best apart.

Supply Chain Optimization

Design Transfer + DFM

R&D + Prototyping

Process Optimization

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