Design Transfer & DFM

One of the most critical steps in working with clients is the first one: understanding their design and working to create scalable, optimized manufacturing.

Our highly-skilled engineering team has deep knowledge of manufacturing strategies and expertise in Design for Manufacturing (DFM), allowing us to optimize production, no matter the scale.

It all starts with our rigorous Design Transfer process: we capture every nuance of your design, with a full understanding of every function. Then, our DFM team provides analysis and makes manufacturing and assembly recommendations that can improve quality, repeatability or reduce costs when manufacturing at scale. We collaborate with our clients at every step.

Our in-house expertise in automation creates even more possibilities for optimization; moreover, once production has begun, we have a strong Continuous Improvement practice, ensuring that our clients continue to benefit from ongoing efforts to increase manufacturing efficiency.

Supply Chain Optimization

Design Transfer + DFM

R&D + Prototyping

Process Optimization