Process & Design

At Sterling, we know that manufacturing is more than machining and technical capabilities; our reputation has been built as much on our process management and design thinking as it has on our broad technical expertise.


Our OEM customers appreciate our detailed attention to their design and our ability to add value and reduce costs through optimizing their Design for Manufacturing and Assembly. Our team thinks holistically about clients’ products, from material sourcing and supply chain optimization, to manufacturing technologies and techniques, right through to delivery and end usage. 

Stage-gate Onboarding & Development

Our clients quickly realize that disciplined process is what makes us rise above the crowd. Our methodical approach to onboarding and product lifecycle ensures success; we work together to advance through each development stage, making sure we meet all the requirements to move the project to its next phase: 

I. Design

  1. Through Concept
  2. to Product Development, finishing in design lock; 
  3. Process Development, proceeding to process lock; 
  4. Through to Validation of production processes.

II. Production

  1. Procedures & Quality Monitoring, including documenting & tracking our Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Continuous Improvement, with disciplined approach to Management of Change (MOC) and Engineering Changes (ECO/ECN)

R&D + Prototyping

Lastly, for customers who are still refining their product designs, we love being involved early in the process; we can provide research, development and iterative prototyping services to accelerate the process of getting new products to market. 

Supply Chain Optimization

Design Transfer + DFM

R&D + Prototyping

Process Optimization